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K-Fashion branding

Annual sales of KRW 1 trillion Dongdaemun Fashion Cluster's actual main focus is not high fashion centered on designer brands, but mass fashion targeting domestic online shopping malls and retail stores.


There is a limit to reflecting the designer brands of Seoul Fashion Week hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in the Dongdaemun cluster, and it is not easy to lead to actual purchases due to the nature of high fashion.


Therefore, we want to raise the status of Dongdaemun Fashion (K-FASHION) through various marketing using celebrities and influencers. This marketing tool is  It is the most effective method for the 'MZ generation' who have the most consumption power in the current market and are familiar with online transactions.  


For women in their 10s and 30s, who are the main target groups of K-FASHION and K-BEAUTY, they can see the most intuitive and quick feedback, and it is expected to have the best synergy with Dongdaemun Fashion, which is rapidly changing and leading the trend. 

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