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Dongdaemun Online

In the aftermath of the global corona virus, sales in the online market, led by mobile/non-face-to-face transactions, are growing steadily and renewing highs every day.

Accordingly, Dongdaemun, a huge offline fashion cluster unprecedented in the world, is implemented online in the entire market, eliminating the intermediate distribution process for items such as shopping malls, brands, and retail stores, and producers can secure price competitiveness by selling them directly online.

The existing distribution structure is an inefficient structure in which wholesalers receive items from retailers as 'B2B', so consumer prices rise and the composition, price, and concept of products handled according to the characteristics of the retailer's group shopping mall must also match. but,

The new distribution structure proposed by Dongsanghyup can secure price competitiveness through innovation in which producers lead and directly distribute items through 'B2C', and increase sales through rapid market response. In addition, through online-centric (mobile) operation, fixed costs such as rent and labor costs can be reduced so that efficient operation is possible.  Promote a paradigm shift.

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