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Dongdaemun Globalization

It responds to the demand of the explosively growing global market for Dongdaemun items that have been converted into an online DB. In the existing distribution structure, there are domestic sales channels (online shopping malls, brands, retail) and overseas sales channels through agencies, so sales routes are limited. However, in the new distribution structure of the 'B2C' method in which producers sell, it is possible to link with leading overseas online platforms such as "Alipay, WeChat Chay, Xiao Hongsu, TikTok, Shopee, Lazada, Q10". You can diversify routes.

Through our integrated distribution platform, we are exporting the relatively undervalued 'K-FASHION' along with 'K-BEAUTY' to the world now that Hallyu has emerged as a mainstream worldwide.

1st target: China, Southeast Asia /​ 2nd target: USA, Japan

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