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Dongdaemun Merchants Cooperative

D D M - T O W N



Top 5 fashion cities in the world

Dongdaemun is one of the world's largest fashion clusters with an annual turnover of 15 trillion won. Within a radius of 2km, 150,000 people, or 26% of the workers in the Korean apparel industry, are employed, and about 10,000 kinds of clothes are produced every day. The Dongdaemun Merchants Cooperative will do its best to bring together the voices of all Dongdaemun merchants, to promote the excellence of K-FASHION to the world, and to make Seoul one of the world's top 5 fashion cities facing New York, Milan, Paris and London. will be


Dongdaemun first
[ Metaverse Shopping Street  ]

Dongdaemun Market with a size of 586,600 m2 (about 170,000 pyeong) in Jung-gu, Seoul is implemented as a metaverse, and the first metaverse shopping mall in Dongdaemun called DDMTOWN will be opened in August. DDMTOWN is expected to host a variety of wholesale shops from fabric and subsidiary material shops, and is being prepared as a global B2B business venue as well as domestic B2C. We aim for a virtual ecosystem that encompasses not only fashion, but also NFT market, planning in connection with government agencies, and performances using celebrities and influencers.


[ New distribution platform  ]

As non-face-to-face consumption settles down due to the corona virus, the clothing wholesale market is also rapidly going online, accelerating changes. Therefore, it is necessary to break away from the existing B2B distribution structure and innovate the structure in which producers lead B2C distribution. Dongdaemun Merchant Cooperative promises support by establishing an integrated distribution platform where anyone can easily upload and sell their own products so that each wholesaler's store can grow into their own online brand.


Chairman's Greetings


Hello everyone,

I am Yang Chun-gil, the president of Dongdaemun Merchants Cooperative.
We sincerely welcome all of you who have visited our website.

Dongdaemun Merchants Cooperative is a cooperative created to overcome this difficult time by gathering Dongdaemun merchants with excellent competitiveness to share their opinions and cooperate with each other.

Rather than representing the interests of individual shopping districts, we want to contribute to the win-win and prosperity of Dongdaemun merchants as a whole. 

Many plans are being prepared so that the products of excellent Dongdaemun merchants can be widely known by pioneering overseas markets with a united force.

In particular, by combining IT technologies such as metaverse and NFT with the Dongdaemun market, we want to present a new digital paradigm that has never existed before.

Dongdaemun Merchants Cooperative will become a cooperative that is not afraid of change, leads innovation, puts the happiness and hope of its members first, and will be a reliable and reliable partner for the success of its members.

We ask that you join us in this new history and support us with a lot of interest and love. thank you


​Dongdaemun Merchant Cooperative’s Metaverse-based New Integrated Distribution Platform


[ Metaverse  ]


[ Titiholic  ]


[ Untact  ]


[ NFT Market  ]

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120 companies

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Metaverse Progress37 %



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Consultation inquiry

All inquiries about Dongdaemun Merchant Cooperative are welcome!

Please contact us by phone or the following inquiry form.

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way to come

Jung-gu, Seoul

14, Dasan-ro 40-gil, 2nd / 5th floor (Sindang-dong)


2F/5F, 14, Dasan-ro 40-gil, Jung-gu

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Dongdaemun Merchants Cooperative

Together with passion for the future of Dongdaemun

We are always looking for members who are willing to change.

​ If you have any questions about joining the association, please feel free to contact us.


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